I was sleeping

submissive whoreI was sleeping when suddenly I felt a hand roughly cover my mouth. He whispered that I had better just let him do whatever he wants to me or he would kill me so I just laid there. I let him rip off my clothes and fuck me and he was so rough! He didn’t care if I liked it, in fact, I’m pretty sure that he wanted me to hurt and cry. The more I whimpered the harder he fucked me until finally he came inside me. He didn’t care if he knocked me up, he just used me like I was some kind of submissive whore. I was sore and crying, I thought that it was over but I was very wrong. He was still rock hard so he violently shoved his cock in my ass and I couldn’t help it, I screamed so loud from the pain. That only made him fuck me harder and by the time he was done I was bleeding and so sore that I couldn’t move. He said that he is coming back tonight, what should I do?

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