I was so used

subminssive whoreI was expecting to be used by my Master of course but when he threw me to the wolves so to speak I was pretty upset. What could I do? I had to obey no matter what but here I was tied to a chair surrounded by horny men and scared to death! I didn’t know what they were going to do to me all I knew is that I was completely helpless and unable to do anything to help myself. They came towards me and I was shaking but I didn’t have long to wonder what was gonna happen cus all the sudden they were all on me! I had cocks stuffed in every fuck hole and more men grabbing my hands making me jerk them off. They were so rough with me, they were slapping me and beating me and fucking me all at the same time. I was hurt and crying but still struggling to please them no matter what. They threw me on the floor when they were done with me and my Master took me back home and cleaned me up. I hope I pleased him!

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