I Was The Party

submissive whore


I know that I belong to my Master. So, when he tells me that my body is to be used and abused by his friends for entertainment I simply obey. Secretly I enjoy it, truly I do. I love to be spanked and degraded and fucked furiously by as many men at a time as I can. I would never let him know that though. One morning he told me that I was to go get my body waxed, hair done, douche my snatch and enema my shit hole. I knew I was in for a treat. I did exactly as I was instructed and when he examined my body he was pleased. We rode to his lodge and he told me to undress. I undressed and stood there with my head down as I am not worthy to look at these men’s faces. They bound me with ropes and left me there as they drank, ate and partied. Soon my Master came over to me and announced that all my holes were open to do with what they pleased. I felt my heart flutter and then I felt my pussy getting wet. They didn’t even take turns, they ravaged me like a pack of animals. They used my tits to suck on, bite, whip and piss on. They smacked my face, squirted their cum on my face and pulled my mouth wide open as they rammed their dicks inside. They spanked my ass so hard it was numb. They fucked my ass hard, filling it with their loads each time, they inserted dildos, candles, cigarettes and broom handles. The tore my pussy up. It was bit, beat, fucked and burned. By the time they were finished my entire body was covered with cum and piss. I would never let my master know but I had so many orgasms that I lost count. My body will need to recover but my insatiable appetite for orgasms was fulfilled.

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