I wasn’t always submissive.

Bondage and submissionI wasn’t always this submissive. Bondage and submission were never part of my lifestyle. I lived a life of royalty with a doting husband and sweet young ones. I never had to work. My husband asked very little of me. I didn’t realize how much I was failing at my job of being a good wife. Sometimes he would ask me for things. Like wanting me to lick his asshole or give him a gagging blow job. I just laughed at him. I’d catch him late at night looking at BDSM porn. Then came the day that I discovered his mistress, or rather his slave. He had found a submissive woman to do those things that I refused. I vomited when I saw the pics of him beating her or with her wearing a ball gag. I wanted a divorce.

Instead, he made me disappear. Or, rather, he sold me into slavery. My cruel master taunted me with the pics of the poor widower pleading for my return. Soon, he had me declared dead and collected my insurance. I am forgotten. I do not exist.  I am solely a piece of meat. A breathing carcass belonging to my Master. I’m an obedient fuck doll with orifices to be used. Nothing matters now. I can never have my life back. So, now I am that woman. That obedient slut who lives like a pet in a cage, hoping only for a few scraps and a pat on the head. Oh how I wish I would’ve taken my husband seriously and been the woman he asked me to be. But now it’s too late. I am just a BDSM whore now and I beg you for your mercy.

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