I’m All About That Submissive Sex…

submissive sex (3)

Really…any submissive sex turns me on. Yes, there are a few things that get me going more than others…and if you care to know, I am happy to tell you all. First, the thing that gets me going the most, well others find extremely taboo. That’s not true though… it’s the hottest thing of all and should be the norm. But my opinion doesn’t matter, does it? I am just a breeding whore. It’s my little ones, that make this mommy whore pussy DRIPPING WET! I must see them being used and abused, little bondage whores just like their Momma. That’s what I want, that is what turns me on more than anything. That and simply serving my master, doing whatever it takes to make my masters cock happy. I will worship your cock in any and all ways you want. I want to be degraded and used; I want you to abuse me. Anything that gets your cock nice and fucking hard is what I want!

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