I’m Sexy And I Know It

Sexy phone sex


Every woman wants to feel like the sexiest woman alive but it doesn’t just happen, a girl has to make sure she’s doing her part to escalate the sexy in her life.  Take my idol, Paris Hilton, for example.  Sure, she was born into wealth and stature but she could’ve just left it at that and enjoyed her lavish lifestyle like her lackluster sister.  No, that bitch brings the sexy everywhere she goes!  Everyone wants to either be around her or inside of her and that’s the exact aesthetic I strive for each and every day.  Do you think anyone dreams about fucking Nikki Hilton?  Yuck, just gag me!

I like to primp and make myself look like a divine, fun loving little fuck slut.  My look, mixed with a bit of a devil may care attitude, grabs the attention of everyone around me no matter where I go.  I don’t care what anyone thinks about me, I want every person I come across to know that I’m ready for whatever kind of kinky fun and sweaty fuck action they can dream up.

It usually starts with a flirty flick of my hair and a grope or two on the dance floor, but it always ends with me getting my sweet pussy pleased.  There’s always someone who appreciates my level of sexy.  Guys, girls, they all love my alluringly slutty aesthetic!


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