I’m The Perfect Submissive Fuck Pig!

Female Bondage

All my life I’ve been waiting to be used and dominated like a real submissive whore! Ever since I was exposed to my daddy and his belt I have been addicted to submissive acts. I ran away from home and I ended up was working as a teen prostitute, I loved being able to sell the one thing my step-father cared about the most. I craved making money on the road and eventually I ended up in a Master’s dungeon, tied up and completely vulnerable. When I submitted completely to a real dominant, I felt whole for the first time in my meaningless existence. He taught me how to let go of my fear, he taught me how to be free of my desperate need for control. Giving that up meant I could obey and serve, making my master a god in my eyes, he owned me absolutely. That is exactly why I am the perfect submissive fuck pig, I love giving up my body, my mind and any control I have over myself. I want to be used in any way Master sees fit, I want to be your perfect submissive fuck pig!

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