It hurt so bad

submissive whoreI was his plaything, just a toy really and no matter what he did I wasn’t allowed to say no. He roughly tied me up with my arms behind my back and forced me across his lap so he could spank my ass until it was very red and so painful. Then he made me sit on a huge dildo while he tied up my tits and pinched my nipples. It all hurt so bad, my tits were purple and so tender, my ass was on fire and my poor pussy was all stretched out from that huge cock in me. I was miserable but truned on all at the same time, what does that make me? Am I crazy that the pain turns me on? I was so close to cumming from it all and finally when he spanked my pussy real hard I came all over. Of course, he punished me more for cumming without permission but I couldn’t help it!

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