It Started With A Blindfold

submissive whoreI was always a shy follower but when I met my math teacher it went to an entirely different level. I struggled in the class and he offered to tutor me. I loved the one on one with him and he was so charming. One night he asked if I would like to go back to his house for some dinner. I quickly said yes, and we headed that way. It started with a blindfold and taste testing. Innocent but exciting. Then we watched a movie after, a Fifty Shades type of show. I had read the books and my cunt was so wet watching those things play out on screen. He caught on to my fidgeting and slid his hand over my leg and said, “not yet”. That made me even wetter. He stood up, took my hand and led me to his room. I followed like a little puppy. He undressed me to my bra and panties and laid me on the bed. He blindfolded me again and then tied my arms and legs to the posts. I then felt his dick smack my lips and I instinctively opened them, taking his cock inside of my mouth. He started slowing but went deeper and deeper. He said nothing but I could hear his breath getting faster. His cock twitched and I could taste the precum. Before cumming he pulled out and sat beside me, gently stroking my pussy through my panties, telling me that I needed to wait. I don’t know exactly why but I did. I did exactly as he said. It gets much hotter, but I am going to have to tell you about that when you call. I am finding it difficult to type and stroke my soaking wet pussy at the same time.

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