I’ve Been Bad

bare bottom spankings



You caught me pleasuring myself and you’re absolutely furious. My sexuality is absolutely not for my own pleasure but instead for yours and yours only. The fact that I would even dream of giving myself an orgasm makes you want to tare me from limb to limb but since it is my first offense, you’re going to result to a more traditional punishment: bare bottom spankings. You order me to pull my panties down and take off my tiny little skirt- you don’t want anything getting in the way of your smacks against my soft flesh. I do as you say but whimper and give you my saddest puppy dog eyes, begging silently for just a little bit of mercy this time. You will not have any of it though and quickly slam my tight body down over your knees with my ass up in the air. You spank as hard as you can, ordering me to count each hit and apologize for masturbating before accepting my neck smack. This goes on all the way to 100. After you make me spread open my bruised cheeks to expose my asshole, slamming your rock hard cock directly into my hole and making me take your gigantic load of cum deep into my rectum. After you release, you have me crotch over a bedpan and push your sperm out- having me then lap it up like the pet I really am. I’ve been bad again and you’ve caught me, if bare bottom spankings didn’t work last time- what do you think will put me in my place, Master?


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