Just a pet

I was on display again, but this time it was in front of his wife. He had to prove to her that I was a toy and nothing more than a cock worshiping cunt. I had to be there and clean up his mess. I had to suck him off and make him happy while I had to make his wife happy too, Deep down inside I know he likes me the most but by his wife he will show me no mercy and mistreat me a hundred times more than usual. I have to lick and suck her pissy cunt. I have also to let her fuck me till my holes bleed. I have to indulge in all the piss they want to throw my way. I can’t deny what they wish, to do to me, and I have to be a good fuck slut and take orders. I am a sub whore forever and always. I will never get the lines blurred. My master has made it clear I am his slave and nothing more even if he does love fucking my holes the most.

cock worshiping

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