Let Me Please You Master


Erotic submissive stories

I want you to cum all over my tits, don’t you want to see your creamy self dripping down off of my nipples? I know that I’m so fucking horny right now my cunt is beating like a heartbeat and it just wants to be devoured by you all the fucking time. You can fuck me in any position that you want to, believe me, I won’t stop you I want to be your submissive whore I want to be your pretty little pussy that doesn’t stop until you say so. I know that you’re a good master your cock bulges out of your pants it gets rock hard whenever I’m around, it wants me just as much as I want it. Let me be your cunt slut let me worship your cock you will be happy, I’ll suck it all day and night. When I get through with that big fat hard cock of yours it will be drained and you won’t be able to move. I’m just so turned on by you you make me so hot you make me want you so bad I’m in love. My cunt needs your cock you’re the owner of me I want you to rule me. I want you to own me you’re the one that’s been on my mind for so long you are the winner. You can have me naked bear back raw and you will have so much fun. Fuck me because I love you because I want you and I need you and I suffer thinking about being with you when I’m not with you. I will be your every wish come true I’ll even let you fondle with the little ones if you want to that’s right babe there are no rules except for the rules that you make.

Cock worshiping


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