Just a swinging

Soft bondage

Master strapped me up into the swing last night. I love the way he floats me back and fourth on to his big cock. Every time he would stab that big prick into my tight wet cunt I would scream out. He loves the way my muffled moans sound coming from my bound up mouth so he stuffed a gag ball into my pie hole. He wrapped my tits so tight with the twine that they began to tingle and turn purple. He would reach forward and pinch my nipples pulling me back further onto his dick and I could feel every nerve ending in my body dance as he tweaked my hard swollen nipples. Every now and then he would spin me around and pull my ball gag out and let me suck that cock. He knows it is the most delicious treat that I love to fill my mouth with so he rewarded me with a little taste of his salty precum leaving my mouth watering for more. He then spun me back around only this time he spread my resisting ass cheeks and slid that throbbing dick right into my tight little backdoor. He would trade off between my wet pussy and my tight ass making sure to keep that cock lubed up so that it slid in and out of my ass. This went on for hours as my Master has wondrous control of his cock. Until finally he let that volcanic explosion of hot white cream go deep into my asshole filling me completely up. Then just left me there to hang as I drained all his load out…feeling it leak out ever so slowly.

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