Just Like You Want It

Cum eating phone sex


I love you, my darling Mr. Stevens you take care of me so I take care of you. Every pary of me belongs to you and I want to give it to you like you need it baby you deserve it like all the time. Are you horny for me, my love do you want to fuck me, would you like me to suck your cock because you know I will. Mr Stevens I hope you know that if you need it I’ll be there anytime anywhere. I will hold on and I’ll ride your fabulous dick like a horse and you can buck me it’s okay because I want it that’s no lie it’s the truth. I have always wanted you to fuck me crazy and drive your cock deep inside in my cunt. I want it now more than ever after I saw the present you gave to me, I love diamonds. I’ve been aching just to thank you and feel you deep inside of me pounding me really hard, I swear I need it so bad and I can’t fight my desires. I love you baby, Mr. Stevens I really love your cock your dick is so damn great to me you fuck me for such a long time just like and I just want to please you all the time baby. Why don’t you dip your dick in my sweet asshole yes, I need the feel of your cock rod in me pouring into my cunt. Come and dump you’re cum in me Mr. Stevens I really think you would enjoy it pounding me fucking me hard giving me like two or three rock-solid crazy nuts straight in my pussy. I am your cum slut fucking whore dirty bitch little skank and I’m happy with it yes I am because I need it I am a nymphomaniac. I love pleasing you it’s what I live for and I really love it when you tie me up and you strap me into that chair you do those sexual things in, and you fuck me really crazy I love it it drives me wild. Mr. Stevens I want to thank you again tonight, will you let me and I want you know that I will fuck somebody else man or woman if you want me to.




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