He left me there all day

submissive whoreI was tied to the wall spread out with clips on my tits and my pussy and I was left there for hours to be tormented by anyone that wanted to use me. I made the mistake of complaining to my Master when he finally came down to release me so of course he made it so much worse. He pulled me down from the wall and shoved his cock in my ass dry while he screamed at me and called me an ungrateful cunt. He said that he was going to make me regret complaining and he was true to his word. He used me like a fuckdoll until he came and then he locked me down in a little box in an uncomfortable position and left me there for the rest of the night. When he finally let me out this morning I could barely move, I just laid there on the floor thanking him for teaching me how to be a good girl.

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