Lacey Loves To Lick

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Lacey loves to lick and I love to suck! She licks my pretty clit while I suck on her titties. We’ve been sexy girlfriends for a while now! She loves how submissive I can be and I love that little mean streak, especially the wet one between her thighs! When Lacey came over last night to play, she brought a friend for the first time! He was a heavy handed Dom with a sadistic streak and a rock hard cock, and Lacey seemed to love to suck him off. He didn’t let me suck his cock, he face fucked me against the wall.

From the time he first slid his throbbing dick down my throat until he was done using me, I was just a fuck puppet. Lacey was having a fucking blast, getting her pussy eaten while I was getting mine spanked with a hard leather strap. Every time I screamed out, Lacey would take a photo of me. While my thighs were getting beaten she laid her pretty tits over my face, and took a video.


“You’re a worthless piece of fucking meat, Tracy!” She sang out into the camera while he was carving his name into my thigh. “You’re worthless, and nothing you do will ever be enough. All you are is a dirty fuck hole to be used, and I’m going to make sure all you do is get filled up like a nasty cum dumpster. I’m going to keep men cumming in and out of here so you can have cum shooting in and leaking out of you. Don’t you get it? We were never girlfriends. I was using you to get dudes! And now I have as many as I’ll ever need!” Lacey laughed in my face as a big black cock slid into her pussy and made her moan. She was so horny, her drippy cunt had been running down her legs. I stared, wide eyed as my ass got a ten inch cock rammed balls deep into it, dry! I was a worthless whore, and nothing more.

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