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Bondage S and M Submissive Whore Lovere’

As a Bondage S&M sex slut, I’ve experienced all kinds of kinky shit, baby! My body is a temple for pain and pleasure, and my cunt is the ultimate playground for filthy cocks. I’ve been fucked hard in every hole imaginable – my pussy gets stretched to its limits by massive dicks that make me scream with delight as they fill me up.

Bondage s and mMy ass cheeks have been slapped so red from being spanked that they sting like hell afterwards but it only makes me want more. And let’s not forget about the bondage sessions where I’m tied up like a piece of meat waiting to be devoured by some horny bastard who knows just how to work his way into my aching holes.

My cunt is the definition of a sloppy wet mess when I get going; juices dripping down my thighs as eager cocks plunge in and out of me over and over again. It takes real skill to handle this little slut hole because it craves rough treatment but also needs tender loving care afterward.

The smell of sweat mixed with sex ling ers in the air whenever I’m getting fucked is intoxicating, and the feeling of being completely owned by my partner during these sessions is indescribable. My cunt pulsates around a throbbing hard cock like a second heartbeat, begging for more as they push deeper inside me. The taste of cum on my tongue after being face-fucked or rimmed is like an aphrodisiac; it only makes me want to suck dick even harder next time around.

Pissing phone sex is not enough punishment for me Daddy!

Pissing phone sex

Pissing phone sex is not enough punishment for me Daddy! I know you’ve been waiting for me to come home and please you in every way possible. You’ve been patient as I’ve been working long hours on the corner to make some extra cash for us. But don’t worry, Daddy, I haven’t forgotten about you and your desires.

I’ve been thinking about all the ways I can make you happy and satisfy your needs. And as much as I love our pissing phone sex sessions, I know that’s not enough for you. You need something more, something dirtier, something that will fulfill your twisted rape fantasies.

I know you love when I dress up in my schoolgirl outfit, pretending to resist your advances as you overpower me. You always tell me I’m such a dirty whore, but that’s what you love about me, isn’t it Daddy? Knowing that you can do whatever you want to me, without any consequences.

But tonight, I want to take things to the next level. Let’s have some Sexy bondage fun, Daddy. I want to be tied up and blindfolded, completely at your mercy. I want you to use me however you please, to fulfill all your dark desires.

I want to hear you whisper those twisted rape fantasies in my ear, making me even wetter and more desperate for you. I want to feel your rough hands all over my body, marking me as your own. I want you to push me to my limits and beyond, because that’s what a good whore like me deserves.

And when we’re done, when we’ve both reached our ultimate pleasure, I want to be cuddled in your arms, feeling safe and loved. Because no matter how dirty or twisted our play may seem to others, I know you would never truly hurt me.

So, Daddy, let’s make tonight unforgettable. Let’s unleash our darkest desires and lose ourselves in each other. I’ll do anything, be anything you want me to be, as long as it brings a smile to your face and a sense of satisfaction to your soul.

Erotic BDSM stories of real master and submissive.

         Erotic BDSM stories of real master and submissive. This story is one of the first times that I had the pleasure of learning pain is pleasure. Leaving my husband watching television I sneak out. Running behind bushes, hedges, ducking down so the neighbors wouldn’t see me. Dressed to the nines in my very first submissive outfit. Still in the shy stages of being a good sub. Owning the fact that even as a sub I have my own power.Erotic BDSM stories

       I say how far. I have a safe word. After all I was being taught that even though he is my Dom, and I am his sub it’s about mutual gratification. As soon as I arrive the first thing he did was put nipple clamps on me. Having nice hard nipples is a huge turn on for him and I like the tingling that runs through my entire body. After all he has a special clip for on my clit piercing. It sends a small shock right up into my clit. Among my favorites is the small voltage.

       Next came the S&M video.

      Now I am sure you are curious about this but gag ball in my mouth. Furry handcuffs securing me. Nipple clamps and of course it must be remembered my wonderful clit clamp voltage. The video was meant to be watched and help me get more comfortable. The ball gag, well it was able to be opened and master could insert his cock. Deep throat that cock of his giving him head and having him cum all over me. At the same time you may be assured that I am squirting across the room from the video and all the little shocks he sends through me.

       In summary this is how I learned that pain is pleasure and how enjoyable our evenings were together.

Prostate milking Breanne dreams of making some sick  S&M porn

Prostate milking Breanne dreams of making some sick porn. Most of her time she is a submissive bitch who is only there for your pleasure, but lately She’s been domineering force, doing whatever she desires with filthy whores.. She loves the idea of submission, and being in complete control over a young dumb slut. There is nothing quite like getting lost in the moment while your cock is stuffing that young tight hole and they are completely helpless. She loves feeling the pleasure and energy that vibrates through her body, pushing her to a completely different level of arousal. Lately this dirty little bitch has been creating filthy movies without the knowledge of these dumb sluts she fucks. These videos can turn messy fast and it is super sexy! She pounds these little sluts so hard they cover her in their shit. She doesn’t mind, she loves when they make a mess. When the mood strikes her she will make them suck her messy cock clean, She explores her scat desires without fear. Being covered in shit can be so sexy and exhilarating, the stink of shit just does something very special to her juicy pussy and she oozes for it. Fuck having shame for any kinky desires. With Breanne anything goes. If you thought of engaging in filthy acts yourself, then I suggest reaching out to that filthy whore Breanne. 

Gangbang Phone Sex on Camera S&M Video Nanny Cam

Gangbang phone sex filmed on the Nanny cam for a viral S&M video feed for Master. My Master approves of mine being a good submissive sex whore on the phone. In fact as a Submissive whore this is what I do best. Maybe you would like to know how I started as a sexual Switch?

Where this all started and how I came to doing gangbang phone sex as a good submissive whore. In the beginning of my Sexual prowess I was very mean. As a girl that stands taller than most men I found it empowering. I loved the idea of men crawling at my feet and worshiping me.

As a CBT torture Queen and Dominant woman, I loved inflicting pain. Torturing cocks and men wanted this from me. I was their Giantess fetish Queen that could own their petty asses. But then I met Master Don.

My new Lover was another dominant figure. We hit it off when I was going a great gangbang party. I get fucking nasty and will not hold back. My love of cock and everything depraved and sexual made me the best submissive sex whore I am today. Don was one of the guys banging me in this event.

Gangbang phone sex can be nasty as all with Eliana

With this gangbang phone sex fantasy of a session was really taking place Don was giving me it all. His ass on face and a hand full of my cum and piss covered hair he demanded I rim that ass. At this point I was also being completely stuffed with two big cocks in my ass and my whore cunt.

As I buried my tongue in that ass and gave him the prostate milking of a lifetime… well at that point the best. Of course I say that because I have done him even better still. There is always room for improvement. But our relationship blossomed after that event.

And that is the beginning of my exploring my submissive side that should always come with a strong Dominant woman. So do not mistake me as weak.

Gangbang phone sex

Zella’s S&M porn collection is full!

S&M porn

Zella’s S&M porn collection is full of slave training tutorials , and Extreme bondage videos. Everything goes, no rules, Zella has never had to use her safe word as of yet. Will you be the one to change that?  Zella’s a slave who only does as she’s told but deep within her she longs to be told to do unspeakable things. Zella wants to be commanded to do things to her self and others that would repel those closed minded ones, those who haven’t experienced the complete satisfaction, domination, and humiliation that comes with straddling the chest of your lover for Golden showers phone sex. Covering them with what comes from can be pretty erotic and new, so try some Scat phone sex with Zella as your guide. Step into my No judgement Zella Zone.

Cum slut phone sex whores lure you in to take advantage of them

Cum slutI knew he was there well before he even knew what he was doing. My allure drawing him into my room well into the night to take advantage of my cum slut phone sex body. I’d left my door slightly ajar, so that his big dick would draw him in like a sniffer might great food. I’d slept nude, my blanket slightly off of me so I showed off in just the right way. He’d started feeling my tits, really squeezing them in his palms and rolling them with his wrists. I had to hold back a giggle at knowing I’d had him in my trap. He was mine, always had been, and now I knew I’d get everything I wanted out of him. He’d climbed up onto the bed to straddle my soft waist before long. He couldn’t help himself much when he looked at my luscious body laid out for him like I was, ready to be abused to light bondage. He’d released himself and was rubbing his big cock against my hard nipples with relish, playing with them while trying to figure out exactly what cute move he’d do next with free reign and access to one of his favorite girls in the whole world. I was so vulnerable it made me a soaked mess aching for dick deep and ready to go off at a moment’s notice. I had to hold back from reaching up, grabbing his hair, and pulling him in for a kiss. I had to lay there and let him begin to fuck my massive tits instead, a dangerous game working itself out right on top of me. His every buck came with a groan, his balls slapping against my bouncing titties. I’d have his cum soon. I’d drag it from his youthful body and take it in until I was more than satisfied, my rape phone sex fantasies would get their fill.

Submissive whore wants you stretch each whole

submissive whore


A submissive whore has a thing for men who can make her tight ass pucker up and stretch out with little effort. Tell me I’m yours, and show me you will do whatever it takes to fuck me in the ass. If I say no, you will go deeper I am you’re rag doll. The only way you can cum is if I am in pain. The more pain, the more complex the climax. Please show me who the boss is and put that cock down my throat and shoot that load. Tell me I am your trashy bimbo slut, and all you want is to ram me with that big juicy meat of yours. My mouth salivates thinking about that hard cock of yours, and you’re mean demeanor.


submissive whore wakes up to torture


bondage chat

My dates usually go pretty well. I never have to give up any one-night stands. When I matched with a guy who was originally from France, I was so excited. French men always seem so sensual.

He began to tell me a lot about himself and assured me he wouldn’t want any one-night stand. Marcel saw a future with me that was quite bright and heart racing. It was an odd way to state it, but not too long after that particular conversation, id realized what he meant.

When we began our date, we didn’t want it to end. We went to his place, and he quickly asked me to drink with him. I only had one glass of red wine. Merlot is my fave, so that I couldn’t say no. After a few sips, I was all forgetful and stumbling. All I could see were lights. He began to talk about bondage chat right before the lights. Marcel whispered into my ear; it’s only a nightmare your dreaming.

I woke up on all fours, drenched with blood and plastered with bruises.

Gangbang phone sex is a fading glory to share

Gangbang phone sex

I don’t really remember the gangbang phone sex last night. It was amazing, I know that, because my massive tits are stinging even now. I must have gotten really roughed up. Someone clearly enjoyed what I had to give and decided to get real forceful with my black booty as well as my voluptuous dark body. I never really mind when that happens, it’s something to remember. I love waking up the next morning and feeling memoirs in physical form for the night lost. It’s beautiful, wonderful, and makes me so damn wet I have to find someone to ride the very moment I’m awake enough to hunt. My tits ache in that good way, and that means they need another hit or smack or brutal fuck and rape phone sex fantasies that make enough noise to deafen the world. I’m a superior bouncing pussy whore who can’t get enough of one moment to the next. You want to fuck this, I know you do, so it’s you I’m after when I leave my house and embark on a quest for cock like no other. The illusive you is always my target. I don’t necessarily know who you are at any given time, you change a lot from day to day, call to call, job to job. You are the one who’ll enjoy my body the most at any given moment, the one who’ll call me later after I’m done having my fun. Maybe I’m overcomplicating giant boobs bouncing around and having fun, but it makes it more fun to add a little mental gymnastics to my real-world stretchy bouncy crab-walking gymnastics. My whole body goes on display all the time, and somehow the faint pain of yesterday doesn’t ever stop me cold. It just makes me want to do some slave training and get fucked, hard.