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Master Owns My Girls!

Extreme Bondage

Master violated my girls right in front of me again! Master told me to get all dressed up and I automatically thought he would be taking me out for a romantic date but I was terribly mistaken. Master showed up with ten of his friends and gangbanged my sweet little angels while I was tied up on the couch. I watched them get their tight little holes filled with cock, those men couldn’t get enough! They fucked my daughters faces and taught them how to gag on a dick while getting pounded deeply from behind. I couldn’t help that my pussy got soaking wet watching my little angels get cum dumped and completely filled with cock in every hole! Seeing them get fucked like little cum whores with their cunts pulsating hard around those massive dicks made me so fucking wet!

Daddy threw me out

slave training

My slutty tattoo got me in so much trouble. I keep getting them, and daddy has sworn me off. I love the ink hitting my body and making me feel like a trashy whore. Even though I was raised in one of the wealthiest zip codes and given a life most can always dream of, I turned out to have daddy issues cause I never got the attention I so desperately craved.

Daddy can throw me out all he wants, but he knows I will go whatever I want. Right now, I want to get high and become my boyfriend’s slave training cum slut.

I enjoy him telling me what to do and ensuring I get all his jizz whenever he needs release.

I Crave Master’s Punishment!

Submissive Whore

When master is really upset with me he likes to tie me up in the shower and whip me into submission with his favorite leather belt! I’m not sure what set him off but It doesn’t really matter, I know I deserve his punishment whenever he decides to give it to me. I found myself bound by the wrists standing in the slippery shower when he turned on the water, hot, so hot my skin turned red. Just as I cried out he turned the water to cold and let it run on me until I was shivering and my nipples were so hard. Then came the belt, lashing my cold skin and snapping me all over leaving angry red marks all over. I knew what was coming next, the water shut off and suddenly I was being filled with master’s hard throbbing cock. He pounded me from behind, making me cum on his dick before he shoved it in my ass only to release a hot heavy load.

I’m Master’s Fuck Hole!

Cum Slut Phone Sex

Master was upset with me today, He came all over my face and told me to let it dry my eyes closed! I was tied up and waiting for my master to use me when I felt the flogger roughly hitting my ass cheeks turning them red. I could tell master was in a mood to punish me, I could have sworn I had done everything just like he asked me but apparently that was not good enough. He grabbed me by the throat and slammed my face into his cock forcefully fucking my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow around his cock and gag as he used my face as a fuck hole. Master released a hot load right over my eyes and told me ‘Don’t Move’, I heard the door slam and knew it would be a while before he came back to clean me up or untie me.

i know the rules now i get bare bottom spankings

bare bottom spankings

My ass needs some bare bottom spankings. I have gone against daddy and have had a one-night stand without his approval. I know the rules, and I know the repercussions. I’m about to get fucked like a dumb cum slut in my asshole. Daddy will slap my ass with a giant paddle, and that’s only the beginning. I’m going to have to endure so much pain. It is no surprise daddy has his rules and his punishments for me. Im well aware that my ass needs to be destroyed in every way. That’s the way it is, and if I’m going to be hurt, I will enjoy it now I know the trick. My pussy gets so wet whenever I see that belt and paddles. Each time I take things to the next level, my payback is even more excruciating.

Master and His Machine!

BDSM Phone Sex

Master loves torturing my cunt in so many delicious ways! Being the perfect submissive whore for my dominant Master daddy is what really gives my whole life purpose, I love making my Master cum hard. Master loves training me and pushing me to the brink of insanity with his punishments. My only reason to live is to be Masters hot little cum dump who services all his desires and fucks anyone he tells me to. When I’m a good little submissive whore, Master sometimes rewards me with a hard fucking on his machine, he straps me down, places the dildo head against my ass and a vibrator on my clit before he slowly turns up the settings. Master loves watching me go wild, seeing me squirt helplessly and cum so violently I nearly pass out!

Bondage Whore

Master’s Cruel Moods!

Hardcore Bondage

A Submissive slut like me knows exactly what to expect when I’m all tied up and spread out! Master is a merciless torturer who really enjoys seeing fear in my eyes, when he sees me look like a sheep to slaughter his cock pulses with excitement. I learned a hard lesson about masters cruel appetite for my fear this week when I came over to help him around the house. Master told me I had to keep all the towels separated and I completely forgot like the dumb slut that I am. When he saw what I had done he spanked me good right over his lap with a belt like when I was a little girl. My pussy got wet while he lashed me, he was aware that I was enjoying it so he slapped me hard across the face and dragged me by the hair to the kitchen. I looked up at him with a wild fear in my eyes when I saw that he turned on the stove burner. He took my hand and held it to the flames making me scream at the top of my lungs. Master saw my fear and he rammed his cock in my mouth as he pushed me onto the floor. My hand throbbing and my mouth full of his big hard cock.

Submissive Whore Baseball Bat Abortions

Submissive WhoreMaster’s baseball bat crashed into my swollen belly again. He was on an abortion warpath because his condom had broken while he was fucking me and my period was late. Master didn’t want any buns in my oven, he said I wasn’t any good that way. He was going to beat me to a bloody pulp, or at least until the swell in my belly vanished and blood seeped out from between my thighs. Master was enjoying beating me, I could see how hard his cock was through his pants, and I knew he would want to fuck me like a monster later when I could barely breathe.

It was tragic, I knew I had to have submissive phone sex later but my jaw would probably be too fractured to speak. Master would force me to mutter through muted lips, endure the pain. Nothing made Master happier than seeing his worthless little fuck slut torture dolly in worlds of pain. Anything to make me scream, it was like the snuff call that would never end. I knew it would never end, he would never grant me the sweet release of death. My life was meant to be my living hell. I didn’t have time to think about it as he swung up again with the bat.

Submissive Phone Sex

Lacey Loves To Lick

2 Girl Phone Sex

Lacey loves to lick and I love to suck! She licks my pretty clit while I suck on her titties. We’ve been sexy girlfriends for a while now! She loves how submissive I can be and I love that little mean streak, especially the wet one between her thighs! When Lacey came over last night to play, she brought a friend for the first time! He was a heavy handed Dom with a sadistic streak and a rock hard cock, and Lacey seemed to love to suck him off. He didn’t let me suck his cock, he face fucked me against the wall.

From the time he first slid his throbbing dick down my throat until he was done using me, I was just a fuck puppet. Lacey was having a fucking blast, getting her pussy eaten while I was getting mine spanked with a hard leather strap. Every time I screamed out, Lacey would take a photo of me. While my thighs were getting beaten she laid her pretty tits over my face, and took a video.


“You’re a worthless piece of fucking meat, Tracy!” She sang out into the camera while he was carving his name into my thigh. “You’re worthless, and nothing you do will ever be enough. All you are is a dirty fuck hole to be used, and I’m going to make sure all you do is get filled up like a nasty cum dumpster. I’m going to keep men cumming in and out of here so you can have cum shooting in and leaking out of you. Don’t you get it? We were never girlfriends. I was using you to get dudes! And now I have as many as I’ll ever need!” Lacey laughed in my face as a big black cock slid into her pussy and made her moan. She was so horny, her drippy cunt had been running down her legs. I stared, wide eyed as my ass got a ten inch cock rammed balls deep into it, dry! I was a worthless whore, and nothing more.

XXX Bondage

S&M Video Whore

S&M Video

I would make my daughter the biggest S&M Video slave to date! My offspring really doesn’t get the whole Submissive bitch life yet? You would think she knows better by now! My daughter thinks she can dress slutty around the men in my husband’s office and get away with it! Teasing and never really giving them the time of day! She is such a disappointment and I have to correct her or I will be punished severely right beside her! Therefore, without hesitation my Husband and Master Came to me with an Idea! He had ten of his Master friends Gather and we would put on the biggest show for him and the camera crew.

My daughters ass would be thoroughly cleaned out and Mommy and her would create the hottest Mommy and daughter slave S&M Porn around. She was spanked until she cried out for mercy, Bound up like a pig in a blanket and fucked so hard she squealed like a a piggy slut! Her lesson would be taught one cock after another to remind her to be nice to men and serve them with her body!

A lesson that nine months later she would have proof of her dirty deeds! Truth is every one of them wanted her bareback and she begged to be filled as Mommy Robyn filled her ass with every toy I could find! How can you refuse a slave that wants cum filled and her mommy helping her?S&M Porn

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