Late Night Abduction

submissive whore robynIt was a dark black night and I was curled up in my cage sleeping peacefully. Suddenly the sensation of being lost between being asleep and being awake over took me. I could feel myself being lifted up and my heat beat faster in my chest. I couldn’t wake up and I couldn’t fight. The odd sensation was a new and erotic form of bondage in my foggy mind. It felt so real and yet it also felt like a dream. I could feel my nipples hardening and my cunt was twitching with the familiar desire to be fucked. Out of the darkness a speck of light appeared and began to grow in size and brightness. And then i saw him and felt the cold clammy hands on my body. I could feel the cold metal around my wrists and ankles as I was shackled and spread wide. I don’t know when my clothes came off but I knew I was naked because the cold air was covering my body in goose flesh. Somewhere between fear and excitement I felt the invasion between my legs and knew I was having an extraterrestrial sexual encounter. It felt so real and yet I couldn’t tell if it was or if I was dreaming. My body began to tremble with an intense orgasm. When i woke in the morning I was naked in my cage and the unmistakable smell of sex covered me and filled the air. No one is ever going to believe this.

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