Foot Fetish

submissive sex (6)

I have a vast array of fetishes…as any good whore. Not as if I am allowed to pick what happens to me, as you can see. My master shares what gets me wet though, as his submissive whore, my slave training requires my entire body to submit – feet in particular this time. I was first forced to jerk his cock with my feet, then he put his dick in my mouth to lube it all up. He went back to the feet, occasionally using a cane to make me submit even more to his will. I love being used like this, and I love the pain he forces me to have. I wouldn’t have it any other way….not as if I have a choice. I am to be used as he wishes, whenever he wishes. Nothing beats my master treating me like a whore, and jerking his cock with my feet. He even has me wear whore shoes and stockings so everyone can know what a skank I am. Exactly as it should be…

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