Lessons Learned II

Submissive WhoreAs I laid there with my pussy so swollen and sore, all I could think was ….I want his cock so bad!

He had just left me to be brutally fucked for hours!

But my bruised cunt ached for him!

But he was not going to give me that thick cock that he had taunted my mouth with just hours before!

Not with out a little torture first!

I felt the leather tip of the whip glide across my round tender ass.

I was shaking  just thinking of the lashing I was about to receive!

And with one sharp snap, the first welt began to rise from my ass!

Then another! And another!

Until I could feel the blood trickle down in between my thigh!

I sobbed lightly as he pulled the ball gag out of my mouth and asked me what I was.

He loved to hear me say it….I am a dirty whore!

Only then, only after I tell him that I am his filthy dirty whore…

only then will he slide that hard cock in my raw cunt!

And all it takes is one push of his raw meat inside me, skin on skin….. pushing hard and deep….and I remember what I live for!


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