Like A Good Slave Should

Bondage whore

My master is throwing a party tonight and I’m expected to be there. It’s a business party for all of his friends and clients so I have to be sure and act extra good. I’m on my hands and knees in a cute little dog collar and leash when the guests start to arrive and I notice a startling trend among the women, they all have very short skirts and dresses on. The reason becomes very apparent when my master leads me up to one of them and asks her to try me out. The woman hikes up her skirt and drops her panties. Master then tells me to lick her clean. I get behind her and push her legs apart as I nose her cheeks apart and tongue fuck her tight little hole until it’s spotless. My tongue works its magic and she begins to moan and shake with her impending orgasm. I grab her cheeks and burrow in further, using my teeth to tease her swirl. I reach around and tweak her clit as I eat her ass. She comes on my mouth, bowels releasing and giving me a taste of her hersheys squirts.  I slurp her clean and move my face back as she readjusts herself. The others are getting ready for their turn, I’m gonna be one busy slave tonight!

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