Living the slave life

slave trainingEvery woman deserves slave training from her man. Deep down we all want to be owned and disciplined. Feminists really need a few lessons on how to treat their Master.

You turn the crank on the stretching machine and I feel my hips pulling from their sockets. I grit my teeth and try not to cry out. I deserve my punishment and Master is enjoying it immensely. I see your cock grow as you crank it again. The rope burns into my wrists and ankles. My vertebrae scream with pain. This is what I get for my disobedience. You told me not to wash my pussy after the party last night. You wanted it ripe and crusty. One of your freak colleagues was coming over to lick it clean. I cost you money.

I did not obey. I washed it and douched all of the clotted cum from inside, waxing the stubble and shaving my legs. I hated feeling all raw inside, the smelly ooze on my panties, the stench of sweat in my hair.

So I disobeyed and now I pay the price. It’s going to be a long night and you won’t stop until you tire. Tomorrow I will be a bloody, bruised pulp and it is my own fault. A worthless slut like me should always obey the Master.

Extreme fetish phone sex

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