Lunchtime Pounding it Out During Slave Training Session

slave trainingSlave training with you is an adventure that will leave my pussy swollen and abused it seems.  You came home during lunch today and of course I drop whatever it is I am doing to serve your cock and/or you.  You forced my into the room by my hair and my pussy started twitching with excitement so much that I felt nothing but anticipation led by the blood rushing down to my swollen clit.  You reach down and gently feel to make sure your little “wet wet” as you name me for my insanely sopping pussy that slushes around like you are in a lake when you stick that cock in me.

You punished me since as your slave I should be waiting for you in a sexy outfit so I quickly had to change out of the white t-shirt (with no bra or panties on but this was not what my master wanted so I of course, will never go against you).  You threw a black corset at my to tie around my chest tight. My tights popped out like they were holding on for their last breath. A leather miniskirt and black thong with over the knee leather boots.  As I quickly put on the rest of my sexy outfit, you shoved my head down as I dropped to my knees.  “Swallow my cock you bitch” as you jammed that sucker as far down as you possibly could.

Gagging for air and spitting, coughing at the sudden load of cock stuffed in my mouth without warning. My eyes tear up and I am trying hard with each thrust not to puke on your dick but its hard.

You pull that cock out of my mouth as quickly as you put it in, arch that back like a good little whore and bend over, daddy wants to cum in his little cum dumpster submissive slut before he goes back to work.  Between my slave traini sessions in the morning, mid-day and night, I really am living to please your cock. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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