Make Me Your Slave

submissive whore Ball gags, titty clamps, whips and rope are what my dreams are made of. My pussy gets so wet just thinking of being used. I want to be used. Be rough, be firm but most off all make me your slave. Don’t allow me to tell you no ever. If I hesitate, I want you to punish me. Whip my pussy and my ass until the skin is broken and welts appear. Make me thank you after every strike. Then pour salt on my cuts and fuck my raw pussy. Hard and deep and pull out and squirt your cum all over me. Make it hurt if I disobey you. Take all of my will away. Make me your complete and submissive whore. I will please you and your friends and even your sons if you so desire. I will even take care of the women you bring to me. Just humiliate me like the piece of trash that I am. I want you to make me beg you to allow me to cum as you tie the vibrator to my clit. Punish me if I cum without permission. Slap my face and my tits. I want you to totally control me.

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