Making Him Cum with Prostate Milking

Prostate milking


My Master asked for something that was different from what we normally did. He told me about prostate milking and how he wanted me to stick a finger in his ass and massage his prostate. I was intrigued so, of course, I agreed to please him in this manner. He laid on his back with his legs spread wide. I lubed up my finger and slowly entered his asshole. My finger explored the wall of his rectum until I felt his prostate. I started to massage it and heard my Master moan. It made my pussy wet and my nipples hard to make my Master moan in this way. Once I got comfortable, I started experimenting with different sensations. I used a “come hither” motion, moving my finger faster and faster. He pulled his knees up to his chest and moaned louder. He begged for me to go faster and I did. I could tell he was going to cum so I took his cock so he could cum in my mouth. Too bad my timing was off, so he came all over my face. My Master has not asked me to do that again, but the next time he does I will be ready to pleasure him and swallow his cum. 

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