Master and his friends gave me Bare bottom spankings and two dicks in my ass

It was the first party my master had thrown for his friends since the new year. My uniform this time consisted of high heels, leash and the biggest butt plug he owns. They drank all night and gave me Bare bottom spankings until my ass was so red. They would push the pug pug in and out my ass saying that they were going to tie me up and wreck me later. I was tired and they were drunk so I thought the night was going to be over. I laid in my cage and was closing my eyes when my master pulled me by my leash out the cage. Master and his drunk friends tied me up and bent me over. They pulled the butt plug out and  my master shoved his cock in my mouth. I love the way my master tastes and how hard he fucks my mouth. I was enjoying it so much that I got lost and brought back to reality when a cock was shoved in my ass.

Bare bottom spankings

I was pushed forward and it made my master’s cock go so far down my throat i almost threw up i had tears running down my face as i was getting fucked. My master and his friends cheered and someone screamed that I should get two dicks in my ass. I looked up at my master and he was smiling and responded with “ fuck yeah”. Before I could even blink I could feel another dick being forced in my asshole. The pain was too much and I passed out. When I woke up I was getting sprayed with cum and piss. When they were done my master told me that he wasn’t disappointed with his Submissive Whore.

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