Master and My Little Sister

Cum Eating Phone Sex

Master demanded that I bring him my little sister. He wanted some young, tight pussy to force himself into. We waited until we were home alone and she was playing in her bedroom. I walked in first and told her she needed to take her clothes off. She did as I told her to and I got naked as well. That’s when Master walked in holding his throbbing cock in his hand. I told her not to worry about my friend as I sat her on the bed.

Master commanded me to lick her little cunny until she was nice and wet for him. He watched as I made her squirm and moan, showing her all these new sensations her body was capable of. Then, Master told me straddle her face backwards and hold her legs wide open; it was time. I pushed my cunt onto her little face and told her to lick it the way I did for her. Her little tongue felt so amazing on my clit.

Master rubbed the tip of his dick against her clitty, getting the head nice and wet, before squeezing his thick rod into her tiny hole. She screamed as she was ripped open. Pumping harder and harder into her little fuckhole, he was not concerned that she was in immense pain. While I felt bad for my young sister, I knew better than to question Master.

I forced her to keep her legs open so he could watch as his raw cock slid in and out of her, getting covered in her juices mixed with a little blood. He dumped a fat, creamy nut inside her bald slit before he pushed my face down into the creampie he left behind to eat it all up. I cleaned her snatch like a good whore while Master watched.

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