Master Beat Me Senseless!

Slave Training

I got punished violently by master for being a greedy cum thirsty slut! Master made me cook for him and take care of him this morning, he used my holes to satisfy his needs all last night. My asshole was gaping so much that while I was cooking, I accidentally released a hot squirt of shit onto the kitchen floor. Master got up and punched me right in my face, he called me a filthy animal and made me get down on my knees so he could rub my face in the shit like a puppy. I knew this was only the beginning of my punishment. Master kicked me and punched me in the gut over and over, I curled into a ball, hoping he would finish soon but all he did was drag me by my hair to the bedroom. Master beat me so hard both of my eyes were swollen shut and I could hardly walk, I was so grateful for his stern punishment!

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