Master Left Me Tied Up All V-Day!

Submissive Sex

I don’t know what I expected for Valentine’s Day from my master but all I got was a brutal spanking! Master left me tied up all day once I got the girls off to school, I was tied up tight because Master was in a bad mood. All day I had been on edge about the holiday because Master hates anything romantic, I had to make valentine cookies for the girls to give out at school but I knew Master disapproved of me indulging their sweet little ideas. After we finished our crafts Master locked himself in the girl’s bedroom while I cleaned up. I could hear him using my little angels for their tight little fuck holes, I was helpless as they cried out, I could only imagine what Master had them doing. Once they left for school, he tied me all the way up so I couldn’t move a muscle, he bent me over his lap and started spanking my ass with his bare hand. I couldn’t help but get wet, I always loved being spanked ever since I was being abused by my step-daddy. Master felt my dripping wet cunt and laughed at me as he shoved his cock down my throat, denying me pleasure and using me like a cum slave.

Hardcore Bondage

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