Master Owns My Cunt

Submissive Whore

Master calls me with the clear intent of making me cum. He’s a darling, my loving Master. He asks me what I’m craving, and I whisper any daring fantasy my twisted, submissive slut mind may have concocted. He delivers every time; by the end I am always a quivering puddle of cum and humiliation. Early this morning, I was given the forced fucking of my life by him, in an alleyway outside of my favorite coffee shop.
He’d been watching me for months, you see. Learning the routine I kept, he fantasized about annihilating my fuck holes and showing me what it really meant to be a stupid, pathetic submissive bitch.When Master made his move, I was helpless against him. I couldn’t have fought if I wanted to; he was too strong for me. He moved on me like a predator, and tore into my flesh with his cock. My cunt was stretched from how fucking huge he was, but his iron grip across my mouth kept me from screaming for help. The sickest part? I was a soaking wet mess the moment he grabbed me.
He was choking me, and forcing himself violently into my soaked submissive cunt. I was being used for his pleasure, his greatest fantasy coming to life; stalking and claiming a worthless piece of meat. I knew he was cumming inside my body without a barrier again and again, and the risk of being bred by a complete stranger was making me squirt all over his assaulting cock. I was cumming so hard, I blacked out. I awoke alone. Covered in cum with a number carved into my arm. He wanted me to call him, and wanted to make sure I didn’t lose it.

Submissive Phone Sex

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