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submissive whore

Master loaned me to a friend of his tonight. He has very specific wishes, and I am to obey everything he asks of me with out question.

When I arrive, he tells me to disrobe, and stand at the wall facing away from him, and to not move or speak until I was told otherwise. Hours later, he tells me to come to him. I stand before him as he sits on the edge of the bed, and he instructs me to squat in front of him, and to shit and piss on the floor. I immediately do so, not wanting to shame my Master with any hesitation. My next chore is to clean the floor with my mouth, no hands. I was sure not to miss a spot, and leave the stone shining as much or more than before relieved myself. He seemed to approve, especially when I replaced my pink jeweled butt plug Master had gotten for me. I was so happy that I was rewarded with the opportunity to thoroughly clean his asshole, since I did so good on the floor. I made sure to stick my tongue as far in his ass as I could go, being careful to not forget his balls when I was done. He was so pleased with me, he let me swallow his huge cock, and even came on my eyes for me.

I went home to Master with my head held high at doing a great job.

I think I’ve done good to give honor to my Master. Do you have any ideas what my net chore should be?

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