Burn Baby Burn

submissive whore

 My dark fantasies seem to get more brutal with each passing day of torment I take from my master. I woke up this morning from a really heated dream of blood and screams and a throbbing wet pussy that soaked my sheets through! I dreamed about my master tying down a little one and mutilating her little pussy with a pair of alligator clamps hooked up to an active shocking battery! He kept zapping her little pussy over and over again making her scream and cry! Her blood sizzled as it oozed from her flesh onto the sharp rusted electrical clamps. It was my job to hold her hands still above her head as master had his way with her! After he was done playing with her he said I could have her to myself for only 10 minutes, and that I couldn’t take her life. I resisted the pout that formed upon my lips and settled for taking those clamps and securely snapping them down through her puffy little nipples! I let master control the voltage but I loved hearing her screams as I got hornier and wetter in my panties! All of a sudden I woke up with a throbbing clit and I was forced to beg my master to fuck my dripping little cunt. Maybe I’ll tell him about my dark fantasies for our next play toy soon.

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