Master Slaps Me Until I’m Red and Sore

Erotic BDSM stories


It’s my Master’s favorite time again: the time where he ties me up and gets to have his way with me. My Master told me that he would like to have some low-intensity (for him) fun and slap my body with a metal spatula. If I made noise while the spatula was slapping me, he slapped me harder. When I tried out get out of my restraints, he would slap me faster. I needed to be a good little slave and take the beating. My Master did not stop hitting me with that metal spatula until my breasts, my pussy and my ass was bright red. He rubbed my pussy with his hand and I flinched at his touch. He slapped it again and I did not move a muscle. That is how my Master likes his slaves, perfectly obedient and ready to please him in any way they can. In this case, it is to let him touch me all over my body and not move a muscle until he starts fingering me. I can’t help it and I moan and wiggle. Now my Master is slapping me with the spatula while he’s fingering me. When he’s done, I come all over his finger and my body is completely red. 

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