Master Takes Out His Rage

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Master was upset with me, so I tried my best to diffuse the situation as best as I could. My attempts were in vain- I seemed to only make him more upset. Grabbing me by my hair, he dragged me across the floor and down to the basement. I tumbled down the stairs from his powerful kick. Landing like a rag doll at the foot of the stairs, I laid there, still dazed. When Master made it down, he picked me back up by the hair and forced me to kneel face down with my ass in the air. He secured the thick leather cuffs so that each wrist was attached to an ankle. With no slack in the restraints, I was stuck in this position.

Drawing his hand back, he spanked my bare ass with a powerful slap. My ass stung as my cheeks began to turn pink. Yelping with each strike, I endured the seemingly endless spanking until my ass was red hot and my nerve endings all screamed in agony. Jerking my head back, he came around and jammed his cock down my throat until he was about to blow his load. He then held my head in place so I couldn’t move around as his creamy jizz covered my face. Standing up, he lit up a cigarette, ashing it onto my ass as he let his stream of piss roll down my entire body. I’ll have to work harder not to make Master mad anymore.

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