Master Thinks He Is Funny

submissive whore robynThe last time Master went shopping he took me with him on my leash. I had to crawl along the sidewalk next to him being very careful not to get ahead of him. I always have to stay next to him or behind him like a good submissive. As we got to the bar he was headed for we passed a dress shop. Master stopped and was looking at the things in the window. He pointed to a particular dress. Short and black and very sexy and asked me if I liked it. I responded that I did very much. He smiled and continued on to the bar.
When we got there I was a good little pet, never getting up off the floor. Licking his friend’s shoes clean and lapping up the drinks that were spilled on the floor.
Today Master went out by himself. The phone rang and it was him. I answered it after the proper number of rings.
His voice came over the line, “Do you remember that little black dress that we saw my pet? The one that you liked so much?”
I licked my lips, and replied in a faint voice, “Yes Master”
My heart skipped a beat thinking he was buying it for me to wear for him.
“I am here at the store where we saw it”
“Oh Thank you Master! I don’t deserve it I am a slut after all.”
He laughed and said, “I am not there anymore. I didn’t even stop. I am in the bar now getting drunk and laughing at your stupidity”

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