Master’s Christmas Gift!

Submissive Whore This week I will please my sexy dominant Master more than I ever have before when I offer my daughters underage twats to him! My two daughters are my life, I would do anything for them but I know Master has plans for them. It’s so hard being a mommy and submissive whore; sometimes my need to serve my Master overtakes my instincts to take care of my little girls. I’ve seen Master use them before but I’ve always been a little conflicted as I watched my eldest girl suck him off and my youngest get her pussy licked. Master has only held back from popping their cherries because I asked him to wait until they were a little older…. I’ve been such a disappointment to him lately, I have to do something to gain his favor. I think I know just what to present him with on Christmas morning; two fresh young cherry pies for his cock. I know Master won’t be able to resist once I doll them up and make them look like whores!

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