Master’s Money Day

submissive whore robynEvery time we have a Friday the 13th, Master rakes up the dough. Tonight will be no different. I always think I am ready but I never am. Friday the 13th is beyond what is considered a dominant and submissive relationship. Or  at least I think it is. Men that are more sadistic and into pain and torture pay master to have their way with me. They do things they would never do on a daily basis with girls they take out or with their girlfriends. Master does not give them any restrictions. His only rule is that he gets to watch every minute of the action. It’s a dark and evil night where they all release a side of themselves that they keep locked away, at my expense. The last time there was a Friday the 13th it took almost a week for me to recover and I still had to be there for my Master during that time, no excuses.

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