Master’s Plaything

I love a man who wants to tie you up and abuse you. It makes my pussy wet knowing my master is going to tie me up. I love the burns from the rope or the sore skin from the flogger or paddles you use on me. I remember when he brought his to friends over to use me. He tied me up face down legs spread. They walked in with hard cocks in hand one went straight to my cunt and shoved his massive cock in me. The other shoved in my mouth and they both used my holes like as my master flogged me and stroked his cock. I felt my pussy being ripped open as the sting from the flogger hit my skin and all I could do is take it and cum hard. As soon as I did, I felt my masters jizz shoot all on my back. Before I knew it my mouth was being filled up with gooey thick cum. They took turns on me throughout the night until I fell asleep. I loved the abuse I got.  BDSM chat

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