Master’s Twin Whores

Submissive phone sex

Master told me he had a bit of a surprise for me when I entered the dungeon today. When I pulled off my blindfold, I saw that my twin sister Briana was tied down to the steel bed with her legs pulled wide open like the dirty submissive whore she is. I was shocked to see her but so turned on watching her look so helpless with her bald cunt spread wide open. Master made me lick her cunt and make it wet for his paddle to slap repeatedly. He then strapped me right down next to her and began torturing us twin whores with his whips and chains slashing across our naked bodies and identical twin cunts. Master pinched our quivering clits and force fucked our welted bald cunts like the obedient subby twins we are. He forced orgasm after painful orgasm from our throbbing cunts with his powerful vibrating wand and made us lick Master’s cum out of each other’s squirting wet cunts.

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