Mommies Slave Training

slave training

I use slave training to bring my daughters up as good servants to cock. Those small tits are perfect to punish. My own tits are his masterpieces of pain flesh! Starting her out with clothes pins and numbing with ice makes the master happy. He gets a new start on fresh young nipples and tits  to put his dick between! He even gave her very first pearl necklace! Imagine fresh whipped young breasts and a coat of daddys cum all over! It never satisfies Masters Hunger but he does get off on me helping train my delectable daughter for him! In these moments I remember my own young tits and the first time I had to show them off as I was receiving bare bottom spankings on a smooth young ass! Men don’t shame small tits, they beat them and your ass! I watched as the paddle lifted each tender girl tit up from beneath as she cried out, for daddy to stop. Then it was this mommy’s turn to make her obey. I sat on her face as daddy / Master whipped her ass and I pinched her tits so hard she screamed into her own birth canal! 

Would you like to help this mommy train her daughters up right?

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