More Hardcore Than You Think

submissive whore

My submissive whore looks might fool others, but don’t let them fool you. I am not a sweet little darling girl you play with; I’m by your side…. I’m your accomplice; the only one who craves the most outrageous and hardcore bondage phone sex you can imagine. You think your little fantasies surprise me? They don’t… there is not a damn thing I have not done, tried, or heard. Plus, unlike other pathetic girls, I have a spine and I’m up for anything; I have no taboos. I want to do whatever we can to make her cry and scream and beg. I love having that power; nothing like it turns me on more. Don’t you agree? You want them to beg you to stop, to not hurt you, or fuck their sweet pussy even though you can see right there that they fucking love it. So let’s tell that little slut how much she loves being forced and being called a slut, and look she is getting even wetter! I can’t help but laugh, this little bitch fucking loves it. Oh am I being too extreme for you? Too fucking bad, go somewhere else, because I like my sexual adventures hardcore, brutal, and downright ruthless. I do not do any baby shit, well the ‘girl’ I am referring to…she is my baby but not for long. Soon she’ll be yours too.

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