Must Submit To Master

Being a good girl is hard sometimes for this slutty slave. I just want to misbehave and do my chores wrong so Master has no choice but to whip my tight bottom until he can’t resist sticking his hard cock into my dripping pussy. I get hot and horny just thinking about dropping something in his drink to make it taste funny for a naughty punishment, making me submit my whole body to Master…With no safeword at all. That’s exactly what I did too!

When he returns from the bar I have on my regular clothes, already putting a displeasing look on his face. As soon as he takes a sip of his coke and rum he stares at me with an annoyed look. I can’t help but cover my mouth in a giggle. I strip off the tight denim jeans and my blue blouse to reveal the red lingerie underneath along with my stockings.

Master grabs me by my throat and shoves me against the wall. He tells me how much of a bratty, naughty girl I’m being and how he won’t just give me what I want but he’s going to give me what I deserve.Submissive Whore

Before I knew it I was tied up on my hands and knees on our dark leather couch surrounded by scary tools and toys. He tells me that there’s no backing out of what I have started and begins to whip me with a tight crop, turning my ass into a deep red shade. I just know there will be beautiful bruising on my soft ass skin. He then places clamps, so tightly on my nipples that I scream in genuine pain. I can’t stop it now as he rips them off several times! I cry out only to be gagged by my wet and balled-up dirty panties.

He leaves the clamps on and inserts the toy machine that will go for hours. He controls it with a remote and makes it go fast, plunging a dildo as deep as it can go into me and sweet bunny ears ramming against my clit, making it swell. He rips the panties out and demands me to suck but with the distraction of the machine, I suck hard and fast until my mouth is full of cum.

Master leaves me there for hours until he decides to let you in for your punishment on me! What will it be?

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    • George on September 17, 2021 at 8:18 pm
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    I love when you submit for me baby

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