Punish Me

submissive whoreI have been naughty babe. Like really really naughty. The only recourse is punishment. You think you are up for punishing me tonight? I want you to make it hurt. I want you to humiliate me and degrade me. Spankings, whippings, nipple clamps, I want them all. I need them. The feel of your strong hand smacking my bare ass always makes my pussy wet. The sound of the whip as you draw it back excited me. Bound and gag me and make me your puppet. Tie me and let me be the party favor. Open my mouth with instruments and make me gag on cock after cock. My stomach full of cum but you refuse to stop. Spread my legs and lift my ass so they can push into my pussy and pull out and pound my gaped ass. Filling all of my holes so full of cum that it leaks out. Don’t hold back. Put me on my knees and walk me like a dog, making me service any and all people we meet. Let them stand over me and jerk off onto my face. I want to be your submissive whore tonight babe.

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