My Ass and I Love Bare Bottom Spankings

bare bottom spankingsI love bare bottom spankings. Personally, I think I have a perfect ass for spankings too. I find spankings erotic. My father used to spank my ass. But I hated it because I hated him. He abused his daughter for years until I ran away. And it all started with my ass. Master loved to spank me when we first united. But age and arthritis make his spankings hurt less, even with new meds.

However, master often uses surrogates to spank my ass because he enjoys the show. You would think after the experience I had growing up; I would not let anyone near my bare bottom. But that is not the case. I bend over for anyone. Master has a pal who has no submissive whore of his own. He often comes into the same BDSM club that master and some of cronies own. And Troy came into the club Friday night, so master lent him my ass.

Troy wanted to spank me in the center of the club so everyone could watch my bottom turn bright red. Master wanted to watch too. It arouses me to get spanked while others watch. Troy used several spanking devices on my bottom. I stripped down to my bra, panties and garter belt and took center stage for my punishment. My garter belt framed my ass perfectly. Troy gave my ass a few slaps before pulling out his cock. I did not know if he intended to fuck me, or dick slap my ass. He did both.

Bend Me Over and Spank My Ass, Sir

The men in the club all pulled out their dicks and started masturbating as Troy spanked my ass with his cock, his hands and his belt. My pussy dripped with every touch, no matter how soft or hard. When he showed me his paddle I gasped. It was huge. It looked like one of those fraternity paddles. Thick and wooden and very hard. Although, I quivered waiting for the first whack, I knew it would hurt. Suddenly the men watching us started tossing money on the floor. One guy yelled out a whack for every dollar on the floor. That provoked the men to toss more money at me.

My master counted the money and reported $201. So, I got 201 whacks. I know I love spanking phone sex, but that was too many whacks with such a mighty looking paddle. Needless to say, Troy blistered my ass raw. I hobbled out of the club and sat on an inner tube for the ride home. My ass is all shades of pink, red, blue and purple two days later. And it still hurts to sit.

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