Bare bottom spankings are part of what I get

When you are a worthless whore, you are happy to get Bare bottom spankings for your master. It means he thinks you are worthy of his time and energy. Therefore, I feel very lucky when he has had a long day and decides to take his frustrations out on me. “Get out that cage now and assume the position” my master demands of me. As I crawl out my cage, I think about I think a out the pleasure I will be providing for my master. Once I bend over on my master’s lap, he starts paddling my ass hard.

Bare bottom spankings

Time after time the paddle beats my bare ass. It sends a shock through my body every time, but I don’t cry or flinch. It is what a pathetic slut like me is lucky to get. I could feel my ass cheeks swelling up. Part of my Slave training is to take anything my master has even when my body is in pain. After my body starts shaking, my master stands up. While pulling his cock meat out he looks down on me and says, “I hope you are hungry hoe?”. I know that meals I will be sucking his cock until he feeds me his load of nut.

My mouth wasn’t working fast enough so my master grabbed me by the hair and started rough fucking my mouth hole. “That’s better bitch suck that cock like you are starving” he moans put. There for I try my hardest to milk my master with my mouth. “Ready for your feeding” my master says as his balls tighten up. Then his cock starts pumping lots of semen in my mouth and down my throat. I made sure to eat it all and not waste any of it. “Now crawl back into your cage bitch” my master said as he popped his cock out my mouth. 

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