My bloody valentines

submissive sexSubmissive sex is what my boss wanted for v day. I was called up to the office once he saw me he slipped me a keycard for the hotel up the street, and he wrote down what time I was expected to be there. I ended up going a bit early walked in and saw a box. My boss isn’t into any sweet things, so I knew I wasn’t expecting roses and chocolates for valentines. The directions on top of the box had explicit orders. I had to strip my clothes off and wear a red latex outfit. I had to sit and wait. I waited for 2 hrs, and another one of the girls that work with me came in. It seems like Mr boss man likes more than a submissive pet. I grew a little jealous, but I knew that what he wanted was what was most important. We ordered not to speak to each other. It was so hot to see how this man had so much power over us. We waited for hours on end. It seems like our master was enjoying a valentines day celebration with his wife. We had no authority to pout or complain. About 10 p.m we received a text message from him. He was going to use the excuse that he left the office open and had only an hour with us. He didn’t want his wife to grow suspicious. He came in and started to unzip our latex bottoms. They were custom made so our bare bottoms would be in full view. After a couple of ass pounding and ass whips, he had us both tied up and started to whip us till we bleed a bit. He wanted a bloody valentine at our expense. As soon as master came, he was out. It was hot to know we were both his sub slaves. We were ordered to stay tied up all night with his dripping wet cum on us. In the morning we had a repeat.

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