My first Master

Female Bondage

I have a good friend who first got me into BDSM.  He is my boss at work.  He had a bet with me that if I did not close a deal I would be his sex slave for the weekend.  He was married and so was I and I really did not care.  The deal did not close.  We stayed in a hotel room for the entire weekend.  I became his sex slave.  He was my first master.  I have always enjoyed the feeling of domination.  It lets all the stresses of my busy demanding life melt away.  He did things to me that weekend I had never done in my hum drum marriage.  He anal fucked me for the first time in my life while I was tied to the bed post.  He fucked my ass over and over.  He fucked my pussy and then my mouth coming in both.  He whipped me and spanked me as he fucked me and it was sweet heaven.  I would love for you to dominate me too.

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