My First Taste Of Submission

submissive whoreI remember the first time I ventured into some BDSM, my boyfriend bound my hands and legs to all four corners of the bed. He blindfolded me and then he proceeded to use me. I felt his cock slapping against my face and I instinctively opened my mouth and started sucking his cock. He climbed up on top of me, sitting on my chest and started ramming his hard cock down my throat. I remember gagging and gasping for air, but I also remember how wet my pussy was and how much I wanted more. After he unloaded his sperm into my mouth, he slapped my tits with a paddle, and I felt an orgasm start to build. I lay there helpless not knowing what would happen next because of the blindfold. It grew quiet and I couldn’t hear where he was. I wasn’t scared, I became anxious, excited really, waiting on what he was going to do next. I was so close that I wanted to squeeze my legs together for some relief but that wasn’t to happen. Instead after what seemed liked hours he returned, hitting his cock against my face again, this time he put a metal device in my mouth and again climbed on me. I was helpless as he pushed his cock deep into my throat. I could do nothing but take that dick deep and feel his balls and ass against my chin. I still needed more. He pulled out a wand and set it on my clit bringing me to the brink only to stop. He them paddled my clit. It hurt but it felt so good at the same time. This continued on for a while and I wanted to feel that pain. My heartbeat with excitement as I heard the paddle coming down. That was the beginning of my obsession with humiliation and punishment. I am looking for a man to degrade, humiliate and use me. Are you the one?

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