My holes are bruised

Submissive sex chatEvery hole on my slutty submissive body is bruised, swollen and sore from having some wet & wild submissive sex chat all day long! As Gabe knows, my one and only purpose is to please him and be his whore on demand which I am well aware is something that he is allowed to demand at any given time without any forewarning. His cock deserves to be worshipped around the clock and he makes sure that that always happens! It didn’t matter that I was at a nice restaurant with some friends celebrating life, he crashed our good time & essentially held me hostage in the bathroom to get what the fuck he wanted from me. I was shocked but not surprised to see him. He always seems to show up out of nowhere at the most perfect worst timing! Gabe bent me over and force fucked my pussy and my asshole, per usual! He didn’t give a single fuck that I was begging him to go easy on me since I was already super tender from a wild night of intense butt-fucking. My anal cavity was so abused, it made it hard to even sit down on my booty. It only made him wanna inflict even more pain on me. I was getting my ass spanked and my hair yanked, it was pretty fucking humiliating but what’s new! Gabe had his way with me then went on his merry way as though he didn’t just put me through the most embarrassing situation!

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