My Punishment Box

Submissive phone sex

Do you know what a punishment box is? I have never seen one until yesterday. Let me tell you, it scares me and turns me on at the same time. My Sir told me this is his way of keeping me in line. He uses the punishment box when he feels it is needed. Inside the box are tiny pieces of paper with different punishments on them. Sir has three boxes ranging from Easy, mild and severe punishments. The third box is kept in sirs safe. If I misbehave or do something in a way my Sir does not approve of, Sir will blindfold me and have me choose a paper out of one of the boxes. Sir told me he has only had to use the third box one time with a sub girl. He told me what the punishment was, I guess it was so he could give me an idea of what kind of punishment the third box had inside. When he told me I knew the third box would make even the worst submissive slut act like a good little submissive bitch. He made her go to a place in our area where there is nothing but poor perverted men who will scope out a woman in minutes, take her, use her and abuse her in any way he wants. These men know who my Sir is and they wait for him to return with another one of his submissive sluts. Once they are done, they throw her bruised and used body in an alleyway and sir comes back a day later to pick her up. My sir does not play when it comes to making sure his woman submits to him.

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